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voice over and soundtrack

Can I use both voice over and soundtrack at the same time? if so, how?

Yes of course, They are separate options on the menu bar both have volume controls in them to allow you to mix them at the right levels for you.

Also check out this video that shows you how it's done - Add a voiceover or soundtrack - bootcamp session 4

how do I add 3rd party (Fiverr) to sound track?

If I understand correctly, you want to add a voiceover provided by a freelancer from Fiverr. The file has to be an mp3.

You can import either one or two mp3 files from external sources. The process is discussed by Barry in his previous reply.

If you want to use more sound elements than that,  or if the file is a different format, you have to use an audio program to combine/convert them into one or two mp3 files.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


i have a Problem with voice over. Before there where more Options on the Dropdown menue. now there is only `microphone`so when i use a Soundtrack and the voice over both of them have the same volume ! Is ther eany answers, it is very urgent!

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