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Hello. About function of Korean's font.

Dear sir,

Hello, I used the software which named as 'VideoScribe'.My ID (Korea user) is in the software. I have used the software for more than 1 year. However I have a problem. I always use the version 1 of the software for downloading the function of Korean's font. But I can't use the software. When I tried to use the software, there is no the function of Korean's font in the software. I want you to resolve the problem. I continually want to use the software. If you receive my e-mail, please contact my e-mail(



The function of using Korean character sets has not been available in VideoScribe so if you managed to get this working in an earlier version I would be very interested in seeing a scribe of this in action! 

As for using that character set now you would need to create SVG files of the words needed and import these as images.

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