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Video Scribe Gets Cut Off

For some reason when I go to input my bibliography in my last frame, it only registers the first line when im trying to export it to youtube. When I play the scribe on the videoscribe platform the whole project runs smoothly, however when it uploads to youtube it only displays the first line of the bibliography frame and ignores everything underneath. I tried adjusting the zoom to a more suitable range, and still the problem remains. What can I do to fix this?

Are you able to post a link to the YouTube Video so I can take a look at exactly what you mean and suggest a solution?

Hey Barry, 

here it is:

Anthony, So I can see 2 titles in your Bibliography. If you save your scribe file to the online cloud folder within VideoScribe I can download the file itself and if there are more I'll work out why they are not showing.

okay the scribe has been placed online under my email


So I've had a good look at this and it just seems VideoScribe was struggling to cope with that amount of text in one text box and only a second to draw it. I have therefore broke your bibliography and picture references into separate boxes for each line and this seems to have solved things.

I have saved the edited scribe back in your online folder as 203 Scribe_Sparkol so if you want to play with what I have done you can. 

One thing I did notice going through your work which may help you as well is that the image size and zoom % changed dramatically throughout. This takes a lot of memory to preview/render and can cause issues. Best practice would be to resize images so they fit on the camera with the zoom as close to 100% as possible. That will help VideoScribe work smoothly and prevent freezing/crashing.

Hope that helped



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