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Uploading file to SharePoint



I just tried to upload a .wmv VideoScribe file to plays but everything is squigely.  Any suggestions?  It plays fine on my computer.  I also tried uploading a Quicktime video but SharePoint wouldn't accept that.


Any suggestions?

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It is difficult to determine the problem without a link or a screenshot.

Maybe it's squiggly because the video has been resized by sharepoint to a non-proportional height and width...

I'd suggest checking Sharepoint help for any video specs or troubleshooting tips that might help.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

I just downloaded the software and created my first video using my 7 day free trial. We want to ensure that these videos play on our company's SharePoint site before purchasing a yearly subscribption. However, with the trial version, I am not able to test this out. Can anyone tell me if these videos are compatible with SharePoint? You mention YouTube and Facebook in your advertisements, but not SharePoint. 

Karen, you can publish to AVI, MOV and WMV. You can also upload to and download from there as an MP4 

So it would depend which formats your version of SharePoint supports and a quickk Google Search should tell you.

Here's what I found for SharePoint 2013 for example - 

I have attempted to upload the .mov and .mp4 file I created from Videoscribe to sharepoint, and although the video is crystal clear on videoscribe, and youtube, it is unclear and 'fuzzy' viewing through SharePoint.  Any suggestions?  I need to share the video with a wide audience, and am only allowed to use our sharepoint site to share the file.

Thank you in advance!

See attached.

Hi Rick,  

I think you will get a better response from the Sharepoint help forums rather than here. If the video produced from VideoScribe is showing fine on YouTube, it may be a setting on Sharepoint that you need to change for the video to display correctly. Unfortunately I am not familiar with Sharepoint and cannot do any testing so I don't think there is anything I can help with here.

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