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How do I prevent the last frame appearing as the thumbnail?

When I publish a Scribe and then look at it online, the first screen I see before I play the video is the final scene. This 'gives the game away' if you want to build a story. How do I change the thumbnail to show the first screen rather than the last?

if you are talking about a video on youtube, then you just need to find the youtube directions for changing the youtube thumbnail.

If you are talking about some other website online, please be more specific.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for the YT tip but I was referring to Videoscribe (when you save a file) and its website sho (when you hit 'upload').

Curious about the same question. The site

At the moment you cannot select the video thumbnail manually. It has been suggested as a feature though and if you would like to see it implemented like the original feature request post. The more likes the more seriously we will take it.

Link to "suggested as a feature" takes me back here

Link amended, sorry!

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