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Can we get PRO account for free? Its for my school

Can we get PRO account for free? Its for my school

Afraid not.... but!  

We offer a range of special discounted packages for educational establishments as we are passionate about the use of Sparkol products as learning tools. Please visit for more details on these packages.


We also offer a discount on the individual licences for students and ​educational staff (when registering from a educational email address). If you go to and tick the Registered charity box just below the pricing options you will see the discounted prices. I can offer you these same prices as you work for an educational institution. After selecting the pricing option you want, you will need to enter the following code in the Charity number field: EDU2015​

Hi, may I know if the educational discount for individual license is still available for 2017? If so, what is the latest code I would need to input?

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