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Mathematics Plugin

A few people are wanting access to Mathematical symbols / fonts, so that scribing can work as it does with normal writing.

Does VideoScribe have the ability to accept plugins? / Can a Mathematics Plugin be developed?

Example plugins are:

1) MathType develop one for MS Word

2) MathMagic develop one for Adobe InDesign, Adobe InCopy and Quark Express.

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VideoScribe does not have any direct plug-ins. Although you can use external applications to make SVG files which can be imported. 

Making SVG files doesn't cut it.... To develop Mathematical SVGs that scribe properly, requires significant learning of a much more complex program, such as Inkscape or Illustrator. Or if developed in CodeCogs as suggested elsewhere on Sparkol Help, will produce SVGs that sketch the outline of the mathematics as if it were an image rather than writing. Additionally in the CodeCogs SVGs, there is often a bunch of random data in the SVGs that stop the SVG from even being sketched properly. Very sketchy!!!!!! We need a better alternative...  The mathematics plugin idea is just so that there is the option of a point and click panel similar to what you might see in the MathType plugin for Microsoft Word, OR also what you might see for MathMagic with plugins for InDesign, InCopy and Quark Express (picture attached).

Mathematics is not done well on the web, and therefore an optional Toolbar (plugin or standard) like below would make Sparkol a significant contributor to Mathematics Education and Mathematics Video work. Notice in the picture that the fraction symbol is selected giving a person options. All buttons on each Toolbar icon pictured open to give appropriate Mathematics options...

Can a BASIC BASIC version of this be put on the hit list for inclusion for a nearby future release?

Times New Roman in italics is often a very good font for letters (pronumerals), while the numbers using standard Times New Roman is typically a good font.

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Instead of lengthening this thread, I'd suggest that you find the other math thread(s) and LIKE it to increase the likelyhood that the suggestion will be addressed.  ((The "Do you LIKE this thread" link is at the bottom of the first post in the thread. The number of LIKEs indicates the popularity of a suggestion and it is one of the factors considered by the makers of videoscribe when they decide which features to add or change.)

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-Mike (videoscribe user)

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