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Exporting individual illustrator layers as SVG

Hi, total beginner here so apologies if this is a simple question. 

I've been trying to use layers in illustrator (CC) to create variations to an image and then simply hide the layers in turn to save them each out as an individual SVG file. 

This does export just the layer I want as an SVG file however it obviously also exports the path for the other layers as well because videoscribe animates a 'ghost drawing' of the other layers.

Is there a way to create a multi-layered image then export each layer out so it draws correctly in videoscribe? 

Obviously I can just create new AI files for each part of the image but it seems like lots of people use layers - just not sure if I'm missing some technique here.


You are correct. Hiding the layers does not remove them from the SVG

Here's what I do:
1) select all layers
2) deselect the layer you want to export as an SVG
3) press the delete key to delete everything else
4) save your SVG with a new name
5) ctrl+z to undo the delete step

just make sure you never overwrite your Illustrator file after deleting stuff.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for the quick reply Mike - sounds like a good workaround (provided I keep my wits about me around the save button!)


CORRECTION to my previous post:

Today as I actually do this, I see that if you select the layers in the layer menu, then you have to use the garbage can (trash bin) icon at the bottom of the layers menu to delete them (instead of just pressing the delete key on the keyboard).

If you use something like the lasso tool to select paths then you can use the delete key on the keyboard to delete everything that you have selected. (locked layers will not be selected or deleted.)

Sorry about the mistake in my original reply!
-Mike (videoscribe user)


Interesting topic. It is now 2018 and I still can't export a usable SVG using "Export Selection" or "Export Artboards". Deleting and undoing is certainly a workaround, but dangerous. Please make VS work with the current SVG export option in Illustrator!

Correction: I AM able to save SVGs using Artboards, but not "Selection". There are more limited SVG export options using "Save Selection" in Illustrator. I guess I should turn my attention to Adobe.

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