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Feeling Festive? FREE TEMPLATES for the holiday season

For those of you getting in the Christmas spirit we have some free festive scribe templates that should warm up even the coldest of winter days! 

Hi Barry,

I imported the penguin template correctly after having unzipped it. However, after editing it, it is not allowing me to save or export.

After opening the file it appears I can edit it. I have made changes but am unable to save the file or export the file. Do I need to do something to it for edits to be saved?

Josh, it shouldn't download as a ZIP file, it should just be a scribe file. I have just downloaded it and successfully added some text/images and saved it to my base folder. I've attached the scribe template to this file, do you want to download this one and give it a go.

That is really strange.... It just downloaded this as a zip file too? hmmmmmmmmmm I will try chrome, maybe it is Edge in Windows 10 to automatically do this?.?

Edit: Download worked perfectly fine in Chrome.

Glad it's working!

It may be that you have Edge set-up to download file types it does not know (.scribe in this case) as a ZIP file. Should be able to change this setting on your machine in 'Set Associations' in control panel.

Also it may be the zip/unzip process is amending the file in some way and we have built an unzip functionality into VideoScribe so you can actually import zip files directly and that may solve the issue for you as well.

Hi Guys,

Just downloaded the 'Village' template, Love It!

That line style used with the 'noise' effect. How was that created?

Can you steer me to a tool in AI or anything? Would love to add my clients logo and my logo to it as an E-Card.

Merry Christmas,


Hi Joe, is this the village template that you mean? not sure what you mean by noise effect? It looks like this template was constructed out of two image files - one image of the background colours, and a second image of the drawn outline.

Hi Dan,

Yeah that's the one. The drawn outline image appears to be a vector image (I exported to svg and opened in Illustrator). The lines appear to be made up of lots of tiny segments with a randomness to them, this give a nice charcoal effect. But they still draw like a single line vector.

I have used a  charcoal brush in Illustrator but it doesn't animate well in videoscribe as it actually creates a region with a boarder... Not a rough line... R u with me?

Short of millions of clicks along the line in Illustrator, is there a way to get this effect?

I know this is not an Illustrator forum, but they don't get why you'd want to do this.....



Joe, I've asked Ben one of our illustrators to have a look at this question for you. He'll take a look and reply later today

Hey Joe,

VideoScribe doesn't support line effects, but there's a technique you can use to get them in Video Scribe. You'll need to draw your lines, turn them in to shapes (object > expand) and them trace over them with a 0% opacity stroke (VideoScribe needs a stroke to determine what to draw/ reveal). 

If you'd like to learn more about making your own SVGs, take a look at our tutorial here or check out this fantastic tutorial by the folks over at DemoChimp

Thanks for getting back to me guys.

Thanks Ben, I had forgotten about that technique... I'll have to give that a go sometime.

The Village artwork doesn't use this method though, it appears to be made of continuous strokes with many anchor points, (see screenshot attached) giving it a crayon/charcoal effect. I thought someone might know how to achieve this. No dramas if you can't. The revealing brush stroke technique will do nicely too.

Merry Christmas!

No problem, we're happy to help. For the village artwork, it looks like an effect was used on the path to give it that roughened line effect.

In Illustrator, select your path and go to Effect > Distort & Transform > Roughen

If you play around with the size and detail parameters you'll be able to get the effect you're looking for.

Have fun creating & Merry Christmas!!

Spot on Benny Boy!

Thanks Mate.

Is it possible to download on a mobile device to use with videoscribe anywhere? I can't access my computer at the mo and wd love to use one.

It is not possible to import a scribe file using VideoScribe Anywhere. You could import them into the desktop version and save them online (cloud icon) to access them from a mobile device.

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