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How I can prevent VideoScribe draw outlines?

When I import an SVG file, Videoscribe draws outlines where I had drawn strokes and it fills it at end of animation.

How I can fix it?


First of all THANKS for including a screenshot! very helpful.

Short answer: You used the paintbrush tool (or a calligraphy brush setting) instead of the regular old pencil or pen tool. (You can use the paintbrush tool and still get good results, but it requires extra steps to make it "draw right".)

Longer answer copied from:
   Making SVG images draw well! (2015 update)

The pen and pencil tools create stroked paths and that is what videoscribe "draws" by default. The paintbrush tool makes lines that videoscribe considers to be fills instead of paths, so it sort of outlines them if it can't find any actual stroked paths in the SVG.

If you want to use the paintbrush tool for your lines, you can make videoscribe appear to draw the paintbrush lines the same as stroked paths by drawing a stroked path OVER (covering) the paintbrush line and then making the stroked path transparent. In fact, in most cases, you can just select and DUPLICATE your paintbrush path(s), convert the duplicate path to a regular basic stroked path and then set the opacity of it to zero.

The  transparent stroke method is described in this (old) official video (starting at 2:00 into the video): VideoScribe tutorial -- Creating your own SVGs

official support post: "Create your own images" <-see "method 2" in that post

official blog post: how to make an SVG for VideoScribe in Adobe Illustrator

Hope that helps!
-Mike (videoscribe user)



I was terrified that I'll need to re-do all video assets in ai, since I have used the brush, too. But I have only used the round 3 pt brush, so all I had to do was to ctrl+A and change brush for all to basic and add width of 3 pt :)

Much better solution than re-drawing or making new covering paths.

Hope that helps!


Excellent tip. Thanks for sharing your results!

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