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Using VideoScribe for a visual diagram

Hello VideoScribe,

As part of an Education Studies assignment for university we have to make a visual representation of an ideal curriculum design. So I just wanted to ask would I be able to make the diagram on VideoScribe and then screenshot this to put into my assignment (as I am not very good at drawing myself). Also if so, how would you like me to reference that I used VideoScribe if I need to?

I just wanted to check I could screenshot my scribe an insert it as a picture appendix in my assignment without infringing any copyright or anything before I made it (I plan to subscribe to the 1 month plan).

If you could get back to me soon I would appreciate it :)

customer support generally works during UK work business hours M-F.

you could read the terms and conditions in the meantime. If you don't find the answer there, you may also want to contact them directly using the RAISE a TICKET link at the top of this page or using their phone number during their hours of operation.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


That would be absolutely fine. The creative work you do in a project is yours to use as you wish. The only restriction is you cannot sell your work on without an active subscription.

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