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Zoom factor visibility, Selecting images for Loading

 I really do like thew way you guys are trending with the software.

Thank you for the 'zoom factor' showing up - can we keep it visible instead of fading away? That way I don't have to zoom to find out where I am.

Also, when adding images - the interface there is odd - why would you split the Library and Recently Used into the upper right and the Search Folders or Web in the lower left? The eye and brain are already going to the upper right, just leave them all there.


Thank you!

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The status of this request has been updated to 'Planned'.

This Zoom factor Visibility feature request has been assigned a reference of VS-2083 and is currently planned for release in VideoScribe version 2.3.4.

The adding images request has not been included however, for this I would suggest raising another request. Individual requests stand a better chance of being voted for and implemented.

Thank you you for you input.



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