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Accidental Subscription Action

Dear Videoscribe, I enjoyed using your software and it really helped me with a project I was working on for a contest. However, after working really late all Saturday night on the video and getting to the point of subscribing in order to post it on YouTube for submission, I misunderstood the conditions of the options and ended up paying for the yearly plan, when I wanted a monthly plan. I ended up paying the full $144 fee when it looked like a 12/month plan. I apologize for asking you this, but is there any chance you can change my plan from yearly to monthly and change the charge to fit that subscription? Sincerely, William

Sure, we can convert your subscription to a monthly one and refund the difference. Will take a few days to put this through but I'll send the request through to the finance team and you should see the money back within 7 days.  

OK, thank you very much.

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