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Is it possible to export/save the audio from videoscribe ?


I've been creating a video which is relatively long and have many vectors. Since Videoscribe cannot take heavy files, I've split my video into 3 parts. But I want my video to have a single track from videoscribe. I cannot do that in videoscribe tool. Now while am merging all the videos in an editing software, I want the audio file which is in videoscribe. I cannot find in the internet, so any possible solution? 

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For this I would use an external tool to create the voiceover. You can then split that into 3 files if you wish later to use in each scribe while also retaining the original full length MP3 as well.

Hi Barry,

I want the mp3 which is in Videoscribe (shining brightly.mp3). How can I get that ? 

Sorry, the music tracks are only licensed for for use within the application so can't be exported

Hi! I wish to export an audio file from a scribe, but ir is not from the software license, is a Royalty Free song I found once long time ago and because Videoscribe mistakes its name, I can not remember wich was. Videoscribe names the song "slow strings" while "slow strings" is a song of 3 min 48 sec of duration, not 5:44, as you can see in the screenshot. Thank you!!!


Hi Izhar,

Please save a copy of the scribe to your online directory, let me know the name and I can take a look for you.

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