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Hi there, I am a happy Tawe-user. But I struggle with last step. I work from an ipad. I can see the button for choice of formats for downloading. I click a choice. But nothing seems to happen. What do I do wrong?

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You are doing nothing wrong. The download automatically starts when you select that option on a desktop computer but is not working for me when I try it on an iPad either. I will get this investigated for you but looks like the iPad may restrict the download of the files in some way

Hi Barry I wonder what else you have found out. Actually I am just impatient, because it is the last step ;-)

hey there i download the software and i did some small idea i want to see the exported video quality before i buy it because i don't want to bay for something with not trusted output .

please show me where it has been saved   

hi barry can you give me an update? thx.

it can't be exported to any social media if you didn't buy it . is there any other way to save it even on your PC in the trail version ?

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