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problemas al guardar y subir

hola, necesito ayuda por favor no puedo descargar la presentación en ningún formato, tampoco puedo subir a youtub  ni a ningún lado... me dice que tardara 1900 minutos! o vaya a la versión premium... 

Thanks for getting in contact!

You should be able to export to YouTube or Facebook without an issue on the Free Trial. I will post some useful links below on how to do these things so you can check against what you have done. Also some common issues and fixes.

How to share your scribe - video

Common issues with YouTube

Also please bear in mind that the upload is a 3 stage process, first the video is made, then you sign in, then your video is uploaded. If you press the X at any point this will cancel the upload. You will see the below when it's uploaded. Only click the ticks, if you click a X it stops the process.

If you're still struggling after using those you can save your scribe to the online folder and let us know what's it's called. We can then take a look for you

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