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Publishing my First Scribe - Taking a long Time

I just tried to publish my first scribe in .wmv format and I let it run for over 30 minutes before I decided to use the task manager to end the task.

First question is can someone explain the format, size and frame rate? Why would I select any particular option for each of these options? Is one better than the other for displaying on any website?

Second, it seems like it stalls on one section, which is an image when trying to publish the file. I don't have any audio or music in the scribe. The image is a .svg file I downloaded from a search in did in google for free .svg files

The answers to your first question could fill a book so you might want to google it if you want a comprehensive answer.

the short answer is:
different programs, websites, social media sites, and clients have different preferences.
Ask them (or consult their FAQ about) what they want or need. If it's just for you then you can use the default settings and a medium or small video size to keep the rendering faster. MOV probably renders faster than WMV.

If you have a question about an SVG, attach the SVG here. Some SVGs may contain (a little or a lot of) extra data or effects that can cause problems in videoscribe)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Attached is the file in question

That is actually a PNG instead of an SVG.
I don't think that particular image would cause a problem, but maybe the image before or after it is at fault. or maybe your camera settings, or something else.


-Mike (videoscribe user)

it has an extension of.SVG. so why do you think it is a PNG? And what do you mean by my camera settings? I'm new to videoscribe so this terminology is new to me
The file name is MicrosoftExcel2013logo.svg.png if you have "hide known file extensions" or some similar setting enabled on your operating system, you might not be seeing the full file name.

it is a PNG file with the letters SVG in the file name near the end.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Sparkol es compatible como por ejemplo con prezi??


Prezi seems to accept MOV and youtube videos
Videoscribe can render video to MOV and youtube

so the answer is probably "yes", but might depend on the version of Prezi that you are using.

You might want to use the free 7 day trial of videoscribe to try it out.

-Mike(videoscribe user)


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