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Saving Trial Version Scribe

My 7-day free trial just ended and I upgraded to Pro.  I am trying to save my scribe before exiting the free version and opening the new and it will not allow me to do so.   It will let me save a .scribe file but the "save scribe" option doesn't work and I'm prompted "Go Back Without Saving?"  Will my scribe still be there once I exit and restart the Pro version?   

You may as well go ahead and export it as a .scribe so you can import it back in later if nothing else works.

might as well try saving both locally and online while you are at it.

How to export and import .scribe files.

-Mike (videoscrib user)


Hi I did the video in free trial i saved my scribe video online and after two days I can't get into videoscrive app now it shows that you need a sparkol PRO account to use can only take advantage of the trial once. Now what will i do? I did the video now i cant go into the app how to see it? Where do i find it..the free trial isnt over ? Den how
The free trial lasts for 7 days after the first time you log in to the program, even if you wait a few days before starting a project.

After that, people generally pay for a membership if they want to keep using it.

if you contact customer support, they might be willing to give you an extra day on your free trial. I'm not sure what their policy is.

-Mike (videoscribe member)


Is there any possibility to get back the video saved in free trial version?

can you extend for one day to save/share the video scribes video online?

can you help me with this?


thanks mike..let me contact the customer support.

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