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morphed images

I made a scribe about fractions for my class and morphed the images of the fractions to illustrate the effect of adding or subtracting fractions. everything works 100% when I play the video in videoscribe but as soon as I export the video to any video format (tried all the formats available) then the morphed images dissapear on the video file.

why does this happen?


1) you might want to provide a link to the video to help clarify the problem

2) you could upgrade to the newest version of videoscribe
3) if you are using any zero second drawing times or transition times I think there may be some bugs with those in recent releases. change them to .1 seconds ore more.
4) you can save your scribe online and tell support the name of it if you would like them to look at it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Karen, sounds to me like a known issue with v2.3 which I can see you are using. Please upgrade to v2.3.2 and you'll find your video will render fine.

FYI, I had a problem using 2.3.2 in that when I tried to create a video or upload to YouTube, no matter what format I tried the output process would freeze when it got to the point that I was morphing with a draw time = 0.

I am grateful to the post above because I didn't realize that you could set the draw time in less than 0.5 increments.  (New User Stupidity) :)

Anyway, added draw time to my morphs and everything is fine now.

Cheers, Mark

Mark, we are aware of that bug and currently testing the fix. Fingers crossed should be in the next release

Just a quick update on this. We have just released v2.3.3 of VideoScribe and as promised this bug has been fixed in this version.

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