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copy text from ppt to scribe window text

i have a lot of text to write and i cant type it all will take much time, so when i take a copy of the text from my presentation and paste it in the scribe text window it gives me this message:

unable to display text, the text contains unsupported characters.

i tried to make both fonts the same but it didnt work.

so how  can i copy the text from any application to the scribe text window 

It should work if:
1)  you import a font into videoscribe that contains all of the characters your are trying to paste
2) when you import the font you check all of the necessary check boxes to import the characters you need
3) the correct font is selected for the text box when you paste the text
4) there are no extra characters from other fonts hidden somewhere in the text that you are copying.

Keep in mind that huge blocks of text caused memory related problems in older versions of videoscribe. I don't know if they still cause problems in the newer versions.

Consider using images in place of huge (possibly boring) blocks of text if possible. Punctuate the drawings with a few written key words or short phrases. That is one of the main benefits of using videoscribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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