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Rendering is Painfully slow (RR-793)

Are there any plans to improve the rendering engine of Videoscribe ?

I'm using the latest version on a Macbook Pro (2.6Ghz i7, 16GB RAM, Retina) and it takes an inordinate amount of time to render videos in .mov format. (or any format for that matter)

For a 5 minute scribe, it takes around 25 minutes ...


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(if you want help making a project work better, either raise a ticket and save your project to the cloud folder, or export your work as a ".scribe" file and attach it here)

 Again, Mike, these sorts of replies are at best misleading and at the worst, simply dishonest. Especially given that everyone is having the same problem, e.g., our projects take nearly forever. What any of us want is for Sparkol to fix an issue that has been long-standing for years.

This thread has been amazingly entertaining since I trialed Videoscribe and didn’t buy it. Hey, credit to Sparkol for not deleting the thread. But I’m guessing they’ve determined that there’d be so many complaints it’s best to keep them in one spot. As for our buddy Mike, you’re obviously a paid shill, moderator alt account, or community manager. Which is totally fine. But the lack of disclosure isn’t. Pretty sure that a company or individual misrepresentating their commercial interests is illegal as well. No one talks in circles like you do except politicians and paid marketers. You literally offer nothing helpful and constantly try to gaslight people into believing it’s their fault. People have posted their PC specs (I myself have a 9700k and 3090 gpu). The problem affects any spec so why do you keep asking? That would imply you will actually follow up and provide a tech solution. Yet you never do. Also a company that doesn’t stand behind their product in public is one that won’t do it in private. The “raise a ticket” has been done by everyone here. That’s why they come to a public thread, cause your company ignores their private ticket. This is a common trend in SaaS support so I’m not surprised to see it here. Lastly, you are not helping. You are misrepresenting and gaslighting by trying to mislabel and redefine reality of what actually happened. Classic gaslighting.
I fully expect an admin will ban me after this. I hope that Sparkol staff will actually listen to your customers though. The most important thing a startup can do is listen to feedback.
Wow, I just read the comments to find a solution but this is 6 years old problem! and this for a monthly paid software! this is fraud, taking money and not improve, and you can not tell me to upload my file to a server, I do not want to do that, I want to render in the software that I'm Paying  17 dollars monthly!

Hey guys, Just thought I would reply to the latest comments.

Mike is not a Sparkol employee and he has free will and licence to say whatever he believes in this community (just like you). He's been using VideoScribe for years, likes helping (especially over the weekend when support is closed) and knows a lot of tips and tricks to get the best out of the software so his advice is usually spot on.

Any Sparkol staff on here will be marked with a nice green ADMIN sign next to their post... like me ;-). We're always listening and working hard to make things better and we would only delete posts for a few select reasons:

  1. Duplicates (we like to keep one thread per topic)
  2. People being abusive/swearing (#WasYourMouthOut) 
  3. Personal payment/account questions as this is a public forum for general software discussion 
  4. General spam like 'follow my channel'

This is a community forum to discuss VideoScribe and is not limited to the things everyone loves, so genuine constructive opinions will remain in place.

Over the 5 and a half years I've been with Sparkol we've made a lot of updates and improvements to all areas of the product (including rendering quality/consistency/speed). That doesn't mean there aren't further improvements to be made, but this topic being 6 years old also does not mean things have not got better in that time. At the moment a well-structured scribe project should take around 10 min per 1 min of video to publish, not lightning fast but significantly quicker than some of you seem to be experiencing (Sparkol make a lot of projects in house and this is what we experience on fairly standard computers). Where you are getting consistently slower performance please raise a ticket, save your project online and include the name and publish options (for example .mov / 1080 Full HD /30 fps) in the ticket. We can then download your file, take a look at the composition and render it on our machines with those same settings to see what happens. Most common reasons for delays are listed on this help page as these things just make more workload for the application and things get slower.

Our product team are aware of this thread and I know we will be focussing a lot on improving what we have rather than new features in coming releases... not sure if rendering is on the list for this year and where it features if it is but the team are aware of your comments and they will be fully considered when making those decisions.

I'll leave you with one friendly tip... if you want to throw your support behind this thread as something to prioritize then 'Like' the original post as this counts as a vote and helps us rank what's important to our customers. I 'liked' it some time ago but I am 1 of 5 so it's not high ranking in that regard at the moment.

Hi everyone, I'm a fresh user and I've just exported my first video and here's my experience. My video is 7 minutes and 30 seconds long and  I used images below 200kb and no gifs at all. I chose the option to share my video to and sat back and waited, and all it took was less than an hour. Though  I have to admit that the manual exporting on PC is painfully slow. Hope this helps! 

Hello Barry, another message that does not contribute anything. Open a ticket and we will answer you privately ... I've been using videoscribe for YEARS and you have never optimized the rendering. I've been waiting for years to be able to export in mp4 or that the export uses more than 30% of the CPU or GPU and you never do anything. It is a shame how abandoned you have to the program. I wish people knew before buying any licenses.

Hey there davo,

The ticket is so we can get the specific's of your set-up, render settings and a copy of your project to provide tailored advice, rather than privacy. This is a discussion board and not somewhere where we'll troubleshoot and fix issues in detail. 

We added .mp4 via (around 5) years ago, see option 2 on our publish and share scribes help page.

We acknowledge there are still potential gains to be made. If this is something that you really want to see prioritised then please don't forget to like the original post to vote for it. 

I am using the trial version and was thinking about going to pro version. But just today tried rendering a short 3 minutes video, which took several hours to render.

This has really shocked me and has become a deciding factor for me, to rethink if I should go ahead for pro version.

VideoScribe Team, 

                                            Are we working on solving this issue? It is a big issue if it takes several hours to render a few minutes video. 

 Okay, the answer the Team always gives is exactly the same. So i wouldn't expect much from them in terms of any real answer. I would caution not purchasing the pro version because this issue is now so long-standing I don't believe it will ever be resolved. And again all of the so-called improvements and enhancements have been superficial and off the mark for the serious defects that continue to plague this software. And having to ship off video to a 3rd party off site that sometimes does and doesn't return you a rendering in a reasonable time is not a workable option for any serious user of this program. I no longer subscribe to this service but I am committed to holding VS responsible for delivering a non-performing product that is only good for 40 or 50-second fancy birthday greetings or simple video flyers--as long as you are willing to wait hours to get it rendered. The reason why I even bother is the fact that I paid for a product in good faith that didn't deliver in good faith what I had purchased and what the program literature and adverts promised me.

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