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Capture a screenprint of entire video scribe screen

Hi, how do I capture a screen print or snip that will show the entire scribe in higher resolution?

I have successfully 'snipped' it before but it isn't capturing all of the info clearly enough for me to blow it up again in another document or on a large screen without loosing image quality. Certain words and details aren't showing up unless I zoom way in but then I can't see the whole thing to capture it.

I realize this is probably a resolution issue but I'm wondering if there is anyway of exporting a certain point in the scribe as a .png or .jpg. This is near the end, but not at the end, of my scribe.

Here is my image:


Christine, you have the option to publish your scribe as a PNG or JPG image sequence with your Pro Subscription. This will export your scribe as a selection of images and use the camera position selected for each element as well. 

Thank you Barry. I'll do that!

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