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VideoScribe won't save

Hi just worked 18 hours on a project and Videoscribe will not save my project.

Not as a .scribe or on the app or in the cloud. 

This is very frustrating and then it crashed on export...

The video is 5 min long with many components...

I paid alot of money and it wont work on my very first project.

I have a earlier version saved but that still means I lost about 10 hours labour!!!

PLEASE help?


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The cause of the problem probably an out-of memory error resulting from one of the following:

1) problem with a music track,
2) oversize image file(s),
3) excessive zoom settings,
4) excessive camera movements,
5) too many imported fonts or
6) bad SVG elements.

If you are using music, you could try deleting the music track before saving.
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-Mike (videoscribe user)


Mike you're Brilliant...It was exactly as you said...

Imported my own music track, which was the cause. 

After deleting the track, all OK.

I'll add the track in another app.

However now my rendering freezes at the same point ( with only 4 min to go...)

I'm only rendering at 360p AVI.

and I need to output at 1080p for this project.

Any suggestions...(same reasons as above or other?)

Regards, Lorenzo

Ok...Found the problem... 

Related to an SVG that would not MORPH.

When I changed the action back to DRAW, the problem was resolved.

Thanks...It's working now.

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