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Using iPad version of VScribe, unable to download SVG files from DropBox

This is for a 1 year paid subscription to VS and using the iPad app. The SVG file is generated from the iPad vector drawing app: InkPad and was saved in my DropBox as accessed on the iPad. From the iPad app their is no selection available for upload from DropBox, just from the WWW and my photos/camera, which does not store SVGs. Also wondering, are all SVGs created equal? Once the SVG is loaded up in VS, will it 'hand'draw like the ones from the VS library?

I don't have an iPad, but my suggestion is to put the SVG in a public folder in dropbox so you can create a direct link. I did a little search and found that you can just add "?raw=1" at the end of the dropbox link to make it link directly to the image. This might work with SVG images for videoscribe.

example of a direct linked png:

No all SVGs are not videoscribe compatible. Different types of SVGs will produce a wide range of results. Related threads:

Instant Answer: create-your-own-images

community thread: How to make SVGs draw well?

community thread: iPad App SVGs

-Mike (videoscribe user)

thanks for the response Mike. I will take a look at this and provide feedback.

Just tested this on the iPad and works fine.

one member has commented that this process no longer works for importing images from dropbox. Can anyone confirm whether or not it still works?


I just tested it today and got an error "Unable to open the selected SVG image. Please try reimporting the SVG."

@Mike; do you have any other ideas for how to work only on IPad?

 Note: the dropbox link in my previous reply is probably no longer valid because of changes made by dropbox.

I don't have an iPad, but please try the following links and let me know if any of them work on iPad.

1) The first one is the link created by dropbox when I clicked the SHARE button by an image in my Public folder and then clicked "create link" and "copy link":

I don't think that one will work on ipad because the dl=0 parameter indicates "no DownLoads".

2) Maybe this will work with dl=1:

3) Or this one:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Mike,

Thank You - thank you - Thank you!

The dl=1 worked!

Now I can do all my digital graphical work on IPad and my boss will be happy as well :-)



Thanks for posting your results, Joan!

For anyone reading this thread who might need clarification, I just used the link provided by dropbox, but I changed the zero to a one at the end of the link.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Dropbox removed it's Public Folder as of September 2017. Any ideas now?
Public folders for free dropbox users (like me) became private folders in March of 2017
Public folders for PRO dropbox users became private in September of 2017

I'm pretty sure that you just have to make new links as discussed above

Did you try this link using videoscribe on your ipad?
(note: there is a zero in the file name. If you are typing the URL on your ipad instead of copy/pasting it, make sure to type the zero and do not type a capital O by mistake.)

Mike(videoscribe user)


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