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How do I revert back to the VS base fonts?

 Not realizing how bad the imported fonts look in VS - they look great in other apps, but not in VS, I now need to get back to the original base fonts.  But, I can't remember which the base fonts are.  I would then like to delete all the fonts I imported, and only use the base fonts.  For some reason, the imported fonts look awful.  Thank you.


I think videoscribe (currently version 2.3.1) now installs with only a font named BASIC. Any other font that appears in your font menu with a waste bin icon beside it is imported by you. Any fonts listed without a waste bin icon are just fonts on your computer that have not been imported.

The rest of the fonts from Videoscribe version 1 are no longer included in videoscribe version 2. However if you have an older scribe with one of those fonts in it, I think you can open the scribe and (delete all of the images and) use that font.

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-Mike (videoscribe user)

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