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Tawe videos in other applications

How can I place a Tawe video into another application such as Power Point?  I need this to be able to work locally on my computer as I cannot be connected to the cloud at all times.

Once you have a video on you can embed this into a PowerPoint or download it as an MP4 and insert it. Here's a link to a MS Help page which walks you through doing that.

Thanks for the response and link.  The root cause of my problem turned out to be my own impatience.  I did not realize that there would be a couple minute delay for my video to render, prior to it showing on with the various video export options.

Ah Ok, well glad it's working for you!

Is it possible to run a tawe presentation by embedding tawe in powerpoint? I do not want to make a video but instead run the tawe presentation in my own pace.


You can present your Tawe from the Tawe application but you would not be able to present it from Powerpoint in the same way.

To present from the Tawe application click the present button in the bottom right corner when your Tawe project is loaded.


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