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My Voice is Drowned Out By Music?

Hi. No matter how much I lower the music, it always drowns out my voice.  How do I correct this?  

The volume controls in the voiceover and music track do provide a great deal of flexibility. You can maximise the volume on one and minimise the other to create quite a contrast. If you are still struggling to find the right balance it could be that the voiceover you have recorded is quite quiet or that the music track selected just doesn't work well with voiceover. 

Hi Thanks for the reply.  There aren't any volume controls for the voice over.  I record mine with an AT2020 mic.  Do you mean I should turn up the volume on my speaker as I record my voice over?  I see the control volume for the music though.  

Once you have recorded your voiceover (or imported it) there is a large volume control slider. 

But yes you could also turn the volume up on the input Microphone when recording the voiceover as well

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