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Where Do I Get Background Images?

Hi.  When I scribe, I don't like scribing in a vacuum.  For instance, if I want a woman in an office, I don't want her just sitting at her desk, I want it to look like she's in an office.

If I want to depict someone in a restaurant, I want to show the building or the kitchen, etc.

Where do I find background images?

VideoScribe is designed as a Whiteboard animation tool and that in it's essence means you are drawing on a blank canvas so we haven't included backdrops or scenes in the way that would fit your needs. Really you would build up a scene using lots of SVG images in one camera position. So use lines and shapes and other images (tables, windows, etc) to build the scene you would like to see. There are some good examples of this on the scribe wallAlso you could look to create your own images as well to fit your needs. 

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