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hello. I got a free trial and finished my work. I spend my 3 days in making the project nd it has just run out. Would you please extend my  trial just for a day. I have to take it to school. Just for a day please. I will be very thankful to you please please . It's urgent.

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Sure... 24 hours more coming your way!

Thanks alot for giving me such a quick and positive response.. may GOD bless u...


Hello, I worked on a project last week but I didn't keep a copy, I completely forgot that I couldn't have access to it once my trial runs out. Can I have just like 10 mins more of the trial to get it please. Thank youuuu!!!


i realized a presentation with Videoscribe and exported the video in .MOV. My problem is: some imagines downloaded from the web don't appear in the place where they should. In some cases some writing frames disappear from the presentation (in .MOV).

The main problem is the .MOV clips don't match with ones in videoscribe editing. 

Can you help to resolve it? I need an help as soon as possible because of my job. 

Thank You Simone.

related link:  Images missing or appearing in wrong place in rendered video

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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