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No solution to "Importing a MP3"

Hello. This software is great. I'm using the trial and I'm planning on buying it very soon. However I've looked over these questions and apparently there was no solution to this problem. Here it is:

When I click on the icon to import a music file. It says "No track selected" and then I go ahead and double click the mp3 I want. Nothing happens. I've been stuck with this for a while. And thank you in advance.

1) save and close your scribe

2) restart videoscribe

3) open a new blank scribe

4) try to add your mp3.

If that works then there was a problem with your scribe. save it online and tell customer support the name of it.

5) If that still does not work then save the mp3 file in this thread to your hard drive:

6) Try to import that into your scribe from your hard drive.

If that works and the other MP3 doesn't then it's a problem with your mp3.

7) you could upload the mp3 here for evaluation.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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