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One off price decreased if paid several monthly fees?


I was wondering if you upgrade from a monthly fee to a one off price after a certain period the price of the one off payment gets lowered?

so for instance if I pay the monthly subscription during for example 24 months, will the one off price be lowered with 24x€11=€264? So I have to pay 480-264=€216 for the upgrade to the one off version after 2 years of monthly payments?

I understood that when I buy the one off version I will get all the upgrades in the future (not until a certain version). Is this correct?

Many thanks for the answers and help!

Kind regards,

If you 'upgrade' your licence during a subscription you will get some discount applied but it does not work in the way you have suggested. When you upgrade it will work out the amount you have remaining of that subscription period and pro-rata that discount off the cost but it will not take into account any previous subscription months/years. 

As for the upgrades you have an active subscription for life with the one-off payment so get the same benefits/upgrades/additional products as everyone else who has a subscription. 


Thank you Barry.

So I understood correctly when I pay per year (12 x €11 = €132) and after 2 months of that year I decide to upgrade to the one off version I pay €480-€108=€372. Fees paid in previous years are discarded.

Thanks for the explanation. We will consider what is the best in our situation.

Kind regards,

That's basically it yes, It actually works out the pro-rata by day so it works for monthly subscriptions as well as yearly but the concept is the same.

(€132/365 = €0.36 per day) So if you have used 2 months, lets call that 60 days you will have used €21.70 of your €132 and get a €110.30 off the one-off price.

With monthly is it's €0.67 a day based on a 30 day month. 

Thank you for the explanation Barry.

This helped us to decide which version we would like to buy.

Kind regards,


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