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Cant login. I enter my credentials but nothing happens

Hi,  I am trying to login to videoScribe but haven't been successful yet. I enter my credentials into the software login screen and hit enter. And that "loading" circle appears on the that screen and then it keeps trying. It doesn't go beyond the screen in the screenshot I attached. I once let it for like half an hour but nothing happens. Anyone knows something? 

If there was a problem with the login server it seems to be working now.

If you still can't login, you could try the solution in this page:

If that does not help, and if you just installed it and have never been able to login, try:

1) uninstall it
2) download the installer file and save it to your computer (do not run/install directly from the website)
3) after downloading, install it
4) Make sure you are logged in as an administrator or a user with equivalent rights on your computer.

Customer support works monday through friday during UK business hours if you need to contact them.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Farhat, I can see from the audit logs on your account that you are now successfully logged in and amending scribes. Sorry you had an issue with this over the weekend! Any more problems just let us know

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