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Video size in latest version 2.3

Hi, I've been working on same type of animation for two months now, and I've always export them as standard (720), quicktime .mov, 25 fps. I'm using illustrations with smaller size than 100Kb. The size of 1-5 minutes videos was 90-300Mb. Now I've upgraded my VideoScribe to version 2.3 and the size of the same videos when I export 1-4Gb. What;s going on? How can I change this? I'm working with tight dead-lines so please give me a quick solution to the problem. Thanks

Martin, we put a new .MOV render in v2.3 of the software to get higher quality images and sound hence the larger files. On reflection though it's caused a few issues, especially with publishing videos to Social Media so we are reverting that change and the old .MOV render will be back in v2.3.1 which is going to be released later this week (subject to passing testing). So if you need something immediately please downgrade to v2.2.5 from and then when v2.3.1 is released you can upgrade again to that.

Martin... just thought I'd let you know that v2.3.1 has been released in the last few minutes and if you update to that your .mov renders should be at a more manageable size. 

thanks :)

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