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Perpetual License / Subscription

My organization is considering purchasing the "one-off" perpetual license to develop videos that would be utilized within online courses that are sold B2B.  I have two related questions:  

Section 3.11 of the licensing terms refer to a "subscription" and suggest that Projects cannot be sold once a subscription has ended.  By purchasing a "one-off" perpetual license, I trust that the "subscription" technically never ends, so this section is irrelevant to the perpetual licensing model.  Is this correct, and if so, would Sparkol be willing to make modifications to the terms to reflect this?

We utilize Adobe Captivate 9 for online course development - is Sparkol able to confirm that VideoScribe and Tawe projects render appropriately when imported into Adobe Captivate?

Thank you!  

Matt. On your first question yes absolutely, once you have a one-off licence that is technically a lifetime subscription as it will get you access to anything that changes within the subscription (addition on Tawe recently, new library images or new software versions for example).

With regards Adobe Captivate compatability VideoScribe outputs video in a choice of Quicktime MOV, AVI, or WMV video file, or as a PNG or JPG image sequence. You can also publish to with the Pro licence and that allows you to download to MP4. Had a quick look for the file types allowed in Captivate 9 and couldn't find them. But found a page for Captivate 6 which indicates 3 of those file types are supported in that version.

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