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· If we are importing SVG exported from Illustrator , Video scribe is tracing twice on the same path.

· We are not able to use the SVG exported by PSD.Video scribe is tracing twice on the same path.

· If we are using Brush to create the SVG file its Tracing the outline of the same, not considering it as a single stroke.

· In the background SVG the Video scribe is Tracing the SVG file randomly.

· Can we use more than one audio file in videoscribe?

· Can we sync. the Audio and our visuals?


In adobe Illustrator, using the brush tool will cause the problem you described. Use the pen or pencil tool instead.

Making an SVG from a PSD may not work. I don't know what steps you are using.

You can use 2 audio files in each scribe. Usually one is music and one is a voiceover. 

If you want to use more than that you need to mix them together into 1 or 2 audio files using another program.

Member discussion: How to make SVGs that draw well.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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