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Video taking days to publish?

Please help me! I have to turn this animation for Videoscribe in tommorow and but my Video has been saying "Hang in there, Your Video will be ready soon!" It says it will only take a few minutes, not DAYS! Please help me! The video code is: 16X6Y. I even tried publishing it AGAIN: 16X99. PLease help! My project is due tommorow!

1) By video code, do you mean file name? They'll need to know the name of your scribe saved online to look at it and determine the problem.

2) If you care using music you can try deleting the music and adding it back in,

3) You can also try saving a copy of the scribe with a new name, restarting videoscribe and trying to render it again.

4) However, if there is a problem with the image file sizes, corrupt images, excessive zoom settings or other misc issues, customer support will probably need to see the scribe to identify the problem.

(customer support works during UK business hours)

Hope that helps,
Mike (videoscribe user)


Hello, I have got our web team to have a look at the scribe files being uploaded to with the shortlinks of 16X6Y and 16X99 and both of those have failed. 

We have downloaded the original scribe file from the site and tried to render these in the desktop software to video but both have failed there as well. The issue is linked to extreme zoom that is being used on some of the imported images. You have zoomed in so far that the image becomes too pixelated to render as it requires too much RAM to hold that much data and convert to video. Here's a couple of links to Instant Answers that talk in more detail about extreme zoom and how you might avoid it.

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