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Cannot export Scribe


I am trying to export my scribe into literally any file other than the .scribe, avi, mov, literally anything to get my video to be shared. It seems to work at first, saying it will only take approximate 4 1/2 minutes and then it goes up to 7 and 8 and 22 and then 178 minutes, and it eventually just freezes. The video is approximately 2 minutes long after I edited it to make it shorter so I could export. I also tried making my video take up more canvas space and nothing seem to be working!I've paid for my membership and I'm super frustrated this is taking so long to export/is so difficult to do. Has I known this would be so difficult I probably would have just used prezy...Is there something else I can try to export my video?

Thank you!

If you can find something that works, let me know! Mines 14 minutes long lol. It's been at 105 minutes remaining for the last 4 hours, but the progress bar is going...

It might be worth trying to save it online, then from there use a screen capture so long as everything lines up. But people seem to be struggling with it all right now.

I'm pissed. 

Anyone who is having trouble rendering a video should probably save their work online and tell customer support the name of it (in this thread or by raising a support ticket) so support can take a look at the scribe and possibly identify problems with it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Allison, can see you have raised a support ticket. I will reply to that now and Kevin I have already replied on your other forum post

Just an FYI for others and a quick one to watch out for with Rendering issues. Be careful of the level of zoom you are using, especially on large imported .jpg/.png files. Stay within the 10%-1000% recommended zoom levels as 'extreme zoom' outside of that will cause rendering issues which appears to be what's happening for Allison.


A couple of useful links for you... Set the camera position and use zoom - bootcamp session 2 is a good short video on using zoom and covers extreme zoom and how to avoid it. Crashing and freezing – VideoScribe desktop also gives some tips on avoiding extreme zoom.

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