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Copy and Paste not working

I've imported some SVG line art and can't get them to copy and paste. The function doesn't seem to be working at all. Can someone please explain this?

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To copy and paste within VideoScribe there are 2 options. You can select the item on the canvas and then either right click and copy or use Ctrl+C as a shortkey. You can then right click on a blank area of the canvas and paste or use Crtl+V.

You can also select an item in the timeline (or multiple items if needed) and use Ctrl+C & Ctrl+V.

It may be worth noting that the pasted items appear immediately over the top of the original items so while it may not look like it has worked you will notice extra elements in the timeline and you can move the now layered new element to a new position on the canvas if you need.

Thanks for answering. My problem was that the copy paste feature wasn't working at ALL. I would copy then paste and no new items went into the timeline. I just tried again and it seems to be working again.



I did some testing in Videoscribe 2.25 on a windows 8 PC and observed similar timeline symptoms:

I was testing some known "bad" SVGs in a small scribe and noticed that multi select with the ctrl key was not working and I could not use the delete key to delete elements. Copy and paste was also not working.

Then I restarted Videoscribe and imported three known "good" SVGs.
1) multi select (ctrl+click) worked to select and deselect elements correctly
2) the delete key on keyboard worked to delete a selected thumbnail/element
3) copy and paste (ctrl+c / ctrl+v) worked

Then I imported a known "bad" SVG with certain settings that cause problems in videoscribe (svg attached below). I made several scribes containing only about 3 to 5 images each (including one or more bad images) and saw a variety of symptoms. During the process I tried to scale, rotate or drag the bad images on the canvas and I deleted and re-imported them a few times.

1) the "bad" SVGs imported with no thumbnail image and a 0 sec draw time On the canvas they looked like a collapsed or very small bounding box that could not be dragged.
2) with a "bad" svg in the scribe, after clicking a "good" image in the timeline, I then clicked the blank thumbnail it became a copy of the previously clicked "good" thumbnail but the image on the canvas remained collapsed/empty
3) multi select did not work in some cases. Only one thumbnail could be selected with or without the ctrl key. This symptom did not occur every time I started the test over.
4) with a "bad" SVG in the scribe, delete button on keyboard did not work to delete a selected thumbnail in some cases. This symptom did not occur with every scribe I tested.
5) Even after deleting the bad SVG or all images from the scribe, the problems persisted until videoscribe was restarted.
6) at some point, some of the "good" SVGSs disappeared/collapsed and looked like the bad image even though their thumbnails remained normal.

7) After using ctrl+X to delete a bad SVG,  ctrl+V no longer worked to paste images back into the timeline. the copy and paste icons on the screen also failed to paste the element back to the timeline (only three thumbnails in the timeline before and after pasting)

I did not perform enough testing to determine whether or not any of the symptoms would occur with only known "good" SVGs.

To avoid the problem(s), here are recommended SVG save settings from a previous thread (restart videoscribe if necessary and import only known "good" SVGs):

I've attached the "bad" SVGs below. If anyone wants to experiment with them and report on their results, it would be useful. 

Hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike, I'll report this as a potential bug and get some investigation done this end as well

I have found that putting the SVG through an application called SVG cleaner will remove most errors that occur when importing SVGs into VideoScribe.

Thanks for the link. 

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