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Adjust font-size (RR-1008)

Guys, I love the trial so far, but not having a way to manually set the font-size (12pt, 14pt, 24pt, etc.) is a big fail. If half-way through I realize I'd like to reduce the font-size, I need to manually drag all text boxes I create (or fiddle with zooming). 

You implemented "double-click --> insert value" into most settings, but left it out of font-size...

Also bold, italic, underline, strike-through are important....

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Thanks. All comments on this thread have been relayed to our design and development teams for consideration.

Would be super stoked to get this feature added. Also to have the fonts listed in alphabetical order as searching for one when you have imported quite a few is a NIGHTMARE. 


Just an FYI on this.

Bold, Italics and colour changing is all possible... You can add the Bold and Italic versions of the fonts into VideoScribe and just start a new text box. Same with colour you can change that as well. 

If you make sure the canvas Zoom is set to the same when you write all your text out they will all come in at the same size and if you remove the pause/transition between the text it'll all be written on one piece.

I know natively having options to write it one box would be preferred so this feature request still stands but this would be a workaround in the meantime. 

Example scribe attached so you can import this into your VideoScribe to see how it's done and I've published this to as well so you can see it in action -

Hi Team, 

We are currently using the Trial version and are unable to change the font size of the saved text. Despite changing the size of the box, only the smaller font appears. This is a major issue. Is there a resolution for it? Need to know this before we decide to further subscribe to the paid version.

Team English Nest

When viewing the text element on the canvas, select it and click the set camera icon:

Then you can resize the text element within that camera view and when you play back the scribe it will retain it's size. 

How can I control the size of the font with numbers? So I'll know they are all the same size.

You can't. You need to resize them them by dragging the anchor points like an image. 

You can always copy and paste the text then edit the text if you need them the exact same size

Thanks, Hayley Young. That (copy/paste/edit) might actually help.

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