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Adjust font-size (RR-1008)

Guys, I love the trial so far, but not having a way to manually set the font-size (12pt, 14pt, 24pt, etc.) is a big fail. If half-way through I realize I'd like to reduce the font-size, I need to manually drag all text boxes I create (or fiddle with zooming). 

You implemented "double-click --> insert value" into most settings, but left it out of font-size...

Also bold, italic, underline, strike-through are important....

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Get's my vote!

So how do you adjust the font size?

You can re-size the text box as the text will fit to the box size.

Thank you Barry. 

We  were going to produce over 500 videos using Video Scribe...

But sadly find that we are at a loss due to the fact it doesn't let us use italics.

Italics are a must when using Math equation fonts. (Cambria-math , XITS-math, Asana-math etc...)

Using the SVG thing just ruins the whole project, and we are also on a tight deadline.

If you were to add the italic / bold to the font menu, mathematicians from all over the world would rejoice!!!


Definitely could do with having the ability to change font size and also use italics or bold.

Please look into doing this VideoScribe

Much needed!

Bold and italic would be very helpful!


Yes, Bold and Italics should be there in VS.


I completely agree! Basic formatting of text, such as font size, bold, italic and underline should all be made available. In addition, I would also like to be able to change the colour, of say, one word or a phrase within a text box, without the rest of the text changing too. We need this type of formatting for a project I am working on, and without the ability to change a section of text within a text box to bold and a different colour, I am having to try various workarounds to make the scribe do what the client wants, and as of yet, I haven't been successful. Please add in the next update!   

I would also like to add that having text wrap to fit the size of the text box without me having to manually adjust it in the text menu would also be very useful and make building a scribe much quicker.

Absolutely!!  Bold, italics, underline are all MUST HAVES!!


Bold, Italics, Underline and, Font-size is a must have in VS. I must say that this will facilitate the process of emphasizing some parts of the written text. 

The absence of basic Bold, Italic, and Underline buttons in text tools is an aspect of VideoScribe that most users of such an otherwise fine professional tool find very disappointing. The 'work around', to upload the separate bold, italicized, and underlined versions of a given font is what I suspect most users find to be a significant design flaw.

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