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Pdf export unreadable

Hi All.

I exported my scribe just before the main program hung... and I lost the lot.

In restarting, when I went to see my content using the Pdf, its all there but everything is out of focus....I can make out my images, but the test is simply 'hieroglyphics' no matter how much I zoom in or out....what gives?

Thanks in advance.

- M

Not something I've come across before Mike. Can you save your scribe to the online cloud folder and send me the name. I can then download it and take a look.

Thanks. Ok will do.
Btw, I've been having an inordinate amount of trouble saving today....then the pgm 'froze' trying to save to the cloud...?
In fact, I can open an existing scribe , run it & then without any changes tried to save it - but sadly it wouldn't do that either.
Fyi, OS is W7pro.

(file is Sunerji)

One last question - can you embed one of yr music tracks AND then do a voice-over?

Most common issue of not saving is corrupt music. Try removing the music, saving and then re-adding the music. Sorts it out 99% of the time.

As for adding a voice over, yes you can do that at any point and it's separate to the music track so they can be done independantly

Thanks for that workaround Barry.
...any thoughts about the Pdf issue - mine's still illegible?


 Hello Barry,

A new problem ! (see below) - I couldn't raise a new ticket via the website??

So many 'funnies'....

Mike, I'll convert this forum post to a ticket now and pick it up in there

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