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This may drive me to drink

Still having problems with selection not working as expected. Made another video. Please see attached video and tell me what I'm doing wrong?????



I should of mention above that I was using 2.3 for the video attached to above message. Since it was not working out, I uninstalled 2.3 and went back to 2.25.

Also, in the video attached above, I showed only what happens when I try to make a 2nd selection. I did not show it in the video, but if I would of clicked a new element on the time line, the 2 selections would of stayed selected while adding a 3rd element to the total selection. click a 4th one, 5th one and so on, all previous selections stay selected. Clicking another element only adds to the selection. NOTHING IS DESELECTED when I click a new element on the time line. The only way I can get everything deselected is to save the scribe.

Please see attached video to message above and tell  me what I'm doing wrong?



I'm afraid that the creation of multiple threads with the same topic and not responding to questions and suggestions makes this difficult to troubleshoot.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Dan, happy to take a look at the scribe if you save it online and let me know the name. Also Ctrl or Shift being depressed when you click will cause the selection of multiple items.

 As a follow up, I have done some testing with the current version of videoscribe (2.25) and determined that importing one bad SVG can mess up the timeline, keyboard functionality, selection, copy, paste, delete and possibly other functions.

It seems that problems persist even if the bad element or ALL elements are deleted (and then new elements added). Only restarting videoscribe will restore regular functionality. I have not tested other versions of videoscribe at this time.

You can read more about my findings and recommendations in this thread if interested:

Hope that helps
-Mike (videoscribe user)



For me, saving it also clears things up.

Sparkol should have another key involved when making a selection -- something like CTRL key + click and this would probably eliminate the problem.

I use pretty complex vector images from shutterstock so I'm always running into an issues of getting out of the selection process and the only way to escape is to save the scribe. I did not have this issue with 1.3.26.


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