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Bring back Marker and Block!

We've had a few requests to bring back the Marker and Block fonts from v1.

Thought I would raise it here so you can vote on it. If it gets enough interest from VideoScribe fans we'll give it some serious consideration

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Please bring them back!

Please, please bring back Marker and Block.  Especially Marker - I have used it in many scribes and now I cannot update them because nothing looks like marker.  Rather than trying to get "Likes" just spend some time (I just spent several hours) searching through all the comments asking where these fonts went and how to find something similar and looking at every font on the planet trying to match the Marker font.  This is very frustrating!

So... We have managed to work something out for you. If you download these scribe files and import them into VideoScribe you will have the fonts back in your library and they will work. Limited on character set to that of v1 though

Thank you very much!  That worked like a charm.  I am so happy to have them back.

No problem, glad this worked for you and that we could help.

Going to mark this topic as implemented as while they are not in the main product we now have a way of providing them to you if you need them. Will write this up as an Instant Answer soon as well so they are available all over the help site.

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