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Purchased images across computers

Is there a way to make purchased images from the Videoscribe library available to the user irrespective of the computer that you are logged into (i.e. the image is available to the account across all computers, and doesn't appear to ONLY stay in the library with the computer that you bought it from)? Is there a workaround?

And it would be great if the user's libraries of images could be identical across all computers, and synced.


Toby... all covered in our buying and using premium images help page.

But the basics are you cannot use it again from the library, you will be charged again. Therefore you need to find it in your recent images (which is machine dependant) or copy and paste it from a previous scribe.

Got it! Thanks.

No Problem... best advice would be to have a scribe in your cloud folder called 'Premium Images' or similar and just put anything you buy on that. You can access them from anywhere then.

Hi Barry  - in relation to this question, are we able to share premium images; if we purchase it once are we able to use it mulitple times across mulitiple licenses?

Hiya -  VideoScribe currently has a large variety of Free images as part of the Pro subscription. The premium images are part of our Community Exchange program.

Community exchange allows artists to create and sell their images via VideoScribe, the cost and availability of these images are determined by the artists themselves.

The free image library is constantly being updated and in fact we recently released some new images in our latest version of VideoScribe (version 2.3.3).

You can easily search for the most recently added images in the library by searching for dec2015 in the image search box.

for other who may be following this topic, I saw a recent thread discussing a new feature that allows user to easily access all previously purchased images. I have not tried the new version of the program yet, but the thread is here:

We've updated the Buying and using premium images help page with instructions and screenshots of the new UI.

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