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Unnecessary Zoom while playing the scribe

I have put all the details on the canvas

but when I start playing it is zoomed in so much that the entire data doesn't appear together and only the item currently being drawn by the hand appears on the screen. 

Is there any way that while drawing the current item I can see whats written above that also.?

Absolutely! VideoScribe by default will zoom to the image it is drawing but you can change this very easily. It's called the camera position and Joe explains it well in our 2nd Bootcamp video. If you're new to VideoScribe I would recommend watching all 6 as they are only a few minutes long and take you through all the basics.

Thank you so much Barry :) I will go through the bootcamp video. 

Thank you so much Barry :) I went through the Video :..and it was very helpful :) it was exactly about the problem I was facing :) 

Thanks again. 

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