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Import Voiceover

Hi, just getting to grips with this great tool, but have an couple of important questions....

Can I import a voiceover, or is there a way that it can be done after the video has been created (reason is my voice is AWFUL!)?

When I have created a presentation and saved it to my desktop (PC)..I cannot 'open' the file as the format is unknown to my computer..what format can it be played back in?



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No specific progress to report on this particular feature at the moment.

I can reveal that a new project kicked off recently to completely review and overhaul Tawe and we will be cramming a few extra features into that. Exactly what they will be is still TBC but some progress is coming!

All sounding very good.  Thank you for the update!


+1 for this feature. It is essential as for our use. 

I like Tawe visually. I was excited about launching some new videos using Tawe until I bumped into the voiceover sound quality issue. There's background hissing even when using an expensive external mic. When using VideoScribe I make the video first and then record and clean up the voiceover in Audacity. I then import the Audacity audio file into VideoScrbe. This works very well.The poor sound quality is letting this software down for people that want professional videos for business so please provide the capability for importing an audio file.

Fully agree with other posts on the possibility/request to be able to import voice recordings. I also use an expensive mic, but the final sound is just so distracting. When will this be possible, Sparkol? Thanks!

Honest answer to that Cecile is at this point we cannot give you a firm timeline for this. 

Don't forget to 'like' the original post to register a vote for this feature! It's only got 5 votes so far and the more it gets the more it will get prioritised by the product and development teams.

I am unable to do a voiceover. The sequence that I follow is

1. import the photo

2. move the picture around and take snapshots by clicking on the 'hand' icon at the top

3. navigate to the bottom left and select voiceover

4. click on the built-in microphone option

Tawae zooms in to the first scene but within a second, I get the following error message

1. 'Nothing meaningful is recorded because you didn't move between snapshots. You need to move between snapshots to create a video

2. Recording has stopped because you have reached the maximum length of 25 minutes

As mentioned above, I get these two error messages twice, a second after I press voiceover

Computer used: Macbook pro

OS: macOS Sierra 10.12.5

Tawe version: 1.34

I am attaching the screenshots for your reference 

Krishna, this is a ideas forum rather than somewhere we can deal with a specific fault. I'll log a support ticket for you now and we can deal with this there.

Ahhh, can see you logged one and have been chatting to Jay already... excellent

Yeah... saw the 'Raise Ticket' option, after I had submitted to this thread :)

Thank you anyways, for offering to log a ticket on my behalf

I agree with the call to be able to import audios - and yes, I just liked the original post to get my vote in.

The only work around I could do was to break my image up, import them into VideoScribe, attach the audio and have the images 'move' in, in the right order.  It was ok but Tawe would have worked better.

Anyway, I hope to see the import feature sometime!

Import voice over is an important feature!! If I could import a voice over and time the scenes to the voice over (just like in videoscribe) , then I could really make use of Tawe. Now, it is just not good enough and i have to use to use Prezi, because there I can add a professional voice over.

I don't use it that often, but I think Tawe can be useful to get a certain visual effect. I then convert that to a movie and edit it in iMovie, where I can adjust the timing and add audio and other features, like fade-in and overlay, in an easy-to-use and flexible environment. I've taken to using VideoScribe in the same kind of way. Being able to add audio bit by bit is helpful for my style of presentation, as is adjusting the timing of the presentation to fit in with the narration, and I can't really perform either of those operations easily with either Tawe or VideoScribe.

The other advantage to this approach is that I can mix in a bit of Tawe or VideoScribe with video produced from other sources (PowerPoint saved as video, camera recordings, etc.). For example:

So from my point of view voiceover isn't that big a deal; I just move the file over to iMovie and do it there. It's a Mac app, but I'm sure there's some kind of equivalent for Windows users. My main request would be for some way of maintaining a sharper focus on smaller images that require a lot of zoom. It would be nice if I could capture those kinds of images without them being fuzzy.

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