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Import Voiceover

Hi, just getting to grips with this great tool, but have an couple of important questions....

Can I import a voiceover, or is there a way that it can be done after the video has been created (reason is my voice is AWFUL!)?

When I have created a presentation and saved it to my desktop (PC)..I cannot 'open' the file as the format is unknown to my computer..what format can it be played back in?



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At the moment there is no functionality to import voice overs but it's a good idea so I have added that to our feature request backlog to be considered by the product team. 

As for saving the file to your desktop you have saved your .tawe project there and that is just the file that Tawe itself uses. To make your Tawe a video you need to use the 'Publish Video' option. This will publish your video t the website and from there you can get embed and short code links as well as download it as an MP4 which can then be used on your computer. 

Hope that helps


Thanks for your reply. Yes the voice import would be very welcome feature..hope it can happen soon.


We have lots of plans for Tawe! It's a good tool but we will keep adding to it and making it better. Always welcome suggestions on improvements as well!

I vote or the Jo Chan suggested import feature PLUS I would like to see music library as well in the Tawe (As we have in Videoscribe). It will be awesome.  Thanks :)


+1 for import voice over

+1 for music library / import music track

+100 for voice import. To make quality presentations you need a condensor mic and probably record in Audacity for high quality sound. So you guys really should provide an import voice option. Have a look at Camtasia. Quite slick with audio.

Created my first Tawe today - awesome tool, I love the quirkiness and intimate feel to the end result.

Plus 1 for most requests I've seen...

  • export audio to be able to clean and re-import would be great
  • to be able to at least pause during the audio - challenging to do in one take, even from a script
  • be able to record the audio for a snapshot at a time
  • couldn't find a way to insert snapshot before 1st - may be just me
  • bug? When doing the voiceover, at one point clicking the screen didn't advance to the right point and I had to tap screen  4 or 5 times (android tablet)
  • ability to export and then re-import main image after for minor edits
  • I get the idea of having more or the surrounding picture showing on a given snapshot but a highlight area on each snapshot would make this even better

all in all, brilliant. From downloading to first end result in about an hour and doing everything with just pen, paper and tablet was awesome

I look forward to some refinements because our end results could be 2-3x better and as I said, I think the informalness of it gives it a real edge in the right context.

Importing a voice over would send this tool over the edge.

We have updated our help pages today and Tawe now has it's own help site. As a result this forum is no longer on the VideoScribe help pages and now can be found at

Barry Radford;

Is voiceover currently available on Tawe? if not, is there w work around and/or can you tell us if there will ever be a voiceover on the Tawe? Reason being; without a posibility of a voiceover, sorre; the program is of no use to many of us out there.

Thanks and would sincerely appreciate a response.


You can record a voiceover directly into Tawe when you are creating it. If you click on the options in the bottom left of screen Voiceover if the top option. 

The bit that is not available at the moment is importing a pre-recorded voiceover, you must record it directly into the application.

Yes, as one poster commented:  being able to import a pre-recorded audio, would push this tool over the edge into TAWETASTIC!!!!!   I am a songwriter.  After I write a song, I then record the different music tracks (on garageband), then lastly recording myself singing the song. I end up with an audio file which is then screaming out for an accompanying video of some sort be it an animation, a videoscribe or this, what I discovered tonight:  TAWE (which is brilliant! and thank you, by the way!  Being able to sync a live recording to the photo segments is amazing in itself but if you could find a way for us to be able to import a pre-recorded audio file, then sync THAT to the photo 'frames' - I would feel like my own animation company.  A one man band.  I would be over the moon if your team were able to provide that functionality to this brilliant tool you've named TAWE.  Thank you!  ps.  If the independent musician discovers this tool, this will more than likely go through the roof - especially if it has the facility to import an audio file   :-D     


Almost a year on....and still no voice/audio import facility. I haven"t touched this tool since then unfortunately, and can"t see me using it until this feature is added. Is anything in the pipeline...can we have a progress report please? Thanks, Jo

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