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When I record a voice-over, first it takes a lot of time preparing for it until I can finally press the record button. Secondly if I delete it so that i can record a new one with some changes, the software always hangs and I have to end the task ultimately because it wont resume back to normal. This is causing me a lot of problems in doing voice-overs and revising them. Also I have the latest version of video-scribe and I am using it on windows 10. Its is a 32 bit software, is it the reason for this problem?

video3.png video3.png
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I certainly understand that having to record the voice over in one take can be challenging, especially in longer scribes! You can record a voiceover externally from VideoScribe and import it as a MP3 file which some customers find to be a better option. We would also recommend recording your voiceover first and then creating your scribe after. This allows you to move your element draw timings around your script rather than have to read to a timeline which is generally more difficult. 

With regards the system not responding issues it would really depend on the length of your scribes, details involved and your system. You can upload the scribe here if you like and I'll see if I get the same issue. I'm using 64bit Win 8.1 and the standard software download and haven't seen this issue before.

I'm having similar problems trying to get voice to even play. I've recorded using the 'record' button and also imported mp3 files...neither are working (when I play the video I have NO voice).

Please advise suggestions....

ps. I've also tried to publish the scribe thinking maybe I could hear the voiceover then, but I each time I publish, my link is invalid...

frustrating to say the least

1) did it work previously and now it has stopped working?
2) did it never work?
3) can you attach the mp3 file for someone else to test?
4) can you attach a finished video here for someone else to test?
(or a link to a video if you are rendering to youtube)

just trying to get more info and narrow down the possible causes.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


here's the link and the voice over file...

and no, I have never been able to get the voice over to work.... says it cannot find that file. Maybe the link is incorrect?

Thank you for providing the mp3 file. Your mp3 file plays fine in windows10 "Groove music" media player but not in videoscribe (I'm using version 2.2.5)  So videoscribe is being picky about the mp3 settings.

I noticed that videoscribe thinks the mp3 file is 00:19 (19 seconds) but another program thinks it is 02:26 so there is definitely an issue here.

I just resaved the mp3 as a stereo mp3 at 256 kbs and it works fine now. (see attached file)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Vincent. The link was published successfully according to our servers. If you are seeing the D'oh! We can't find that page. Please check the link you followed. error then that is because it was published as Private and you will need to Log-into the website (top right) with your VideoScribe details to view. 

With regards the Voice over I have played the file in Window Media player and it lasts 2min 26sec but when you import it into VideoScribe it comes in at 19.2sec so it's clearly not being read by the application. Just ran the MP3 file you sent through a the conversion functionality of VLC Player to make it an MP3 file. Should do nothing really but it did something as the product of that conversion produced an audio file that works in VideoScribe. There was some corruption in the original that VideoScribe didn't like and it must have some higher standards that Windows Media Player. Clean file attached

Thank you both very much...

I'm moving forward and hopefully will be able to publish a finished file shortly.

I Really do appreciate all of your assistance.

My Voiceover function will not work at all. I push the button and it gets stuck about a third of the way through on the loading screen. No matter what I do or how small I make the video, it won't work. 

You'll probably have better luck if you record the voiceover outside of videoscribe as described in previous replies.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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