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Videoscribe won't render full video, only full audio

I have the newest beta version of videoscribe. I have an 18 minute video (yes, I know that's pretty long, but I didn't have any problems when building it) and when it renders, the video freezes at 14 minutes but the audio continues for the length of the project. Again, this is only an issue when I render it, no matter if it's a Quicktime file, WMV, or FLV. Has anyone else had this issue and figured out how to solve it?

Carly, have just looked on your account and you seem to be using v2.2.4 which has now been superseded by the release of v2.3 a couple of weeks ago so if you are still using a beta version of that software can I suggest downloading and installing a non-beta version from With regards this specific scribe I believe you are working on something called 'Sales VideoScribe' as I can see you have rendered that scribe a number of times in various formats in recent days. Unfortunately as you have not saved that scribe online I can only see the name and not the scribe itself. If you save it online through I will happily take a look and see if I can work out what the issue is

HI Barry,

I took your advice and downloaded the newest version of videoscribe, and I saved my project "sales videoscribe" on the cloud so you can see it. Unfortunately, I was under a deadline and needed to complete this project yesterday, so I was forced to shorten my scribe by breaking it into two and render them separately. My scribe now ends somewhere around 14 minutes, but even when it was 18 minutes long, it played back completely fine through the software, I only ran into issues when I rendered it. Can you still help me solve why this was happening even though I altered the scribe? Thanks.

!f the 14 minute version rendered for you without any issues it is likely to do the same for me as well and not tell us anything we don't know. Should you get this again in the future know just save the scribe you are having problems with and then save again with a slightly amended name. This will create a duplicate file and therefore give you one file to shorten and still leave an original copy which we can analyze and try and solve the issue.


I just rendered my part 2 videoscribe (labeled "test") and I appear to have the same problem as before. It renders the audio, but not the visuals. it is a much smaller scribe and it plays back just fine in the program, not when it renders however. Can you go into my file and see what's going on?


No Problem Carly, I've downloaded that scribe and I am rendering it now. Will let you know how I get on

Carly, Think I have worked out what is going on. We have a bug at the moment with elements that have a 0 draw/pause/transition time in VideoScribe. These elements appear fine in the preview and yet when they render the video conversion reads them in a different way and they fail to show. I have made some changes to your scribe and changed all the elements that had 0 draw time from Draw to Move In. So anything that you have set to just appear has been moved in and not drawn. Makes no difference to the way your scribe works but it is read differently in rendering. 

So to fix this change the settings of any item that has 0sec draw time to be a Move In item rather than a Draw item and it should work fine.

Here's the amended scribe as well to save you duplicating the steps I took

Wow, who knew! Thanks so much for the help, I rendered it and it worked. I'll keep that in mind for future projects, but I'm hoping videoscribe will fix this issue in the next release.

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