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add video

how can i add external video to video scribe???

if video scribe not allow to importing video than is that  another way by using i can add video on video scribe..

because i see some video in which some video are importing on video scribe 

is that possible ,please give  some suggestion how can i add video on scribe

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Guarav, At the moment VideoScribe does not have the functionality to allow the importing of video files into your scribe. The only moving items that can be used are .GIF images.

In addition to what Barry said, you can export video from videoscribe and then use video editing software to combine it with other video elements or effects.

Also if you want to layer scribe animation with a transparent background over a video, you can export the scribe animation as a PNG sequence with no background and then import the sequence into another video editing program such as premiere o after effects to composite it over another video.
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-Mike (videoscribe user)


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